Bosch Bread by Davide Longoni

Bosch Bread by Davide Longoni

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LUOGO: Milan



C-zone has designed and curated the CSR project of Bosch Italy, in support to Pane Quotidiano.

The Bosch Bread by Davide and  the Fornasetti’s eco-friendly shopping bag were the driving force behind a useful and charitable communication campaign, that has seen the involvement of a top Italian baker, Davide Longoni, and a unique Milan-based designer Fornasetti.

A broad and artistic project that engaged personalities and influencers from the world of fashion and food, a successful social campaign, and a dinner with press conference and music, to celebrate a project that combines the useful with the enjoyable.

The operation continued throughout the month of December at Davide Longoni bakeries, with the sale of the Bosch Bread by Davide and the Fornasetti shopping bags, achieving truly remarkable results. A landmark project of our agency.

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