There is no limitation that doesn’t stimulate C-Zone’s creativity. Every event is unique and unrepeatable; whether it’s physical or virtual, intimate or for large audiences, it’s designed down to the last detail to give the target public the richness of an original, surprising experience, in complete harmony with the image and aims of our clients.

The client’s brand and their values are the contents guiding every creative decision which we try to take care of and valorise in every detail of the message.
We support our clients building projects co-ordinated from all points of view – from the graphics to graphic motion, the animated infographic to 3D animations, photographic shots to the production and editing of original videos with sounds created in co-operation with professional sound designers, and the texts through to assistance for speakers during digital and live events.
We give the greatest importance to getting the different languages used in each project to converse and we like to help our clients to plan their social media use so that the story of each event can be amplified and its communicative effectiveness extended in time.


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