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LUOGO: Milano

CLIENTE: Pandora


To celebrate the end of a hard, but successful, year, C-Zone organised two captivating events connected to a ‘fil rose’ for Pandora. The intention was to encourage the team to restart and launch stimuli for the new year.
Team building to strengthen the teams and face them with new challenges. A conference with Bebe Vio, a person who has always faced new challenges, launched a message of strength and positivity – “If you want to, you can overcome obstacles”.
The Expo designed over an edutainment (education + entertainment) path, divided into stages marked by drum rolls, enabled the managers to meet the work teams and launch the new goals and the challenges of the new year.
The event ended with a large party with moving-dinner whose main intention was to get all the Pandora team elements to meet and a challenging karaoke to strengthen the work teams.

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